Wednesday, June 24, 2009

my trip to Victoria

We took off last Saturday for Melbourne. I was so excited - but gosh it was a long, long drive to even get out of NSW. There was snow on the ground over the Great Divide and it was amazingly cold. But there were sheep everywhere you looked, so Kay wouldn't let me out of the car to play in it.

We finally crossed into Victoria and the weather warmed up and everything looked really green and lovely.
As we were so close, Neil agreed to drive me over to Romper's house for a quick visit. I couldn't wait. When we got there, his person, Keith brought him out and we finally got to meet in the flesh. He was wonderful! And even more handsome then in his photos.

He seemed really pleased to meet me and had the most interesting things to say and some really fun, new games to play. We had a great time.

I got to go back the next two days as we were staying down while Neil looked at the old bikes. He ended up getting two of them, along with a whole trailer full of bits. Finally it came time to say farewell to Rompie. We promised to keep in touch.

Afterwards, we headed south for a look at the famous Phillip Island where all the fairy penguins come ashore every night for the tourists to see. It's supposed to be really amazing, but you know what - they don't let dogs in to see it. So we just went and sniffed around a beach without penguins... whatever they are.

It was interesting and the water was decidely brisk. Brrrrr!

And then it was time to start the long, slow journey home. It also took forever - but I just slept and dreamed about my dear sweet Rompie.

Kay calls him my toy boy but I'm not sure why - he didn't have nearly as many toys as me.


  1. Hi Ruby,
    Thanks for coming by my blog. Mummy says we might be hearing the patter of tiny paws in 9 weeks time? Rompie certainly is a handsome fella!
    I'm really in awe of your agility skills ... I'm very naughty at the moment and go for a blast nearly every time we go for walks - Mum says it's my age.
    We'll link to you ok?
    Nelly xx

  2. Yeah ok Rompie is kinda handsome I guess.... Wait till you meet me Ruby.
    Gosh Victoria is looking very green at the moment. The pics are lovely especially the beach shots. We dont get to see the beach very often being up in the mountains and all.
    D is borrowing the neighbours car for the fun day out so I'll still be there after our car incident.


  3. What a nice visit you had with Rompie, Ruby! Watching the video was making us dizzy! hehehe
    We hope you get together again soon!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. What a nice visit - Rompie is quite handsome. You two look cute together! Wish I could go to a beach.
    Hugs, Miley

  5. What a fun trip you had, Ruby! Sorry it was a long journey. Your friend is so handsome! :)

  6. Wow what a beautiful place to visit - consider us jealous!

  7. Sweet Ruby!

    I have been remiss in visiting and keeping up with all you've been doing, and BOY, you've been one busy girlie!

    Congratulations on your obedience title! That is something I don't think I'll ever get into much, but I'm always amazed when other Dales go the distance. You are my hero.

    Looks to me like you and Rompie had a blast together. Was it a love connection? It looked like it was.

    I saw Noah's comment about how you'll find that he is ultra attractive when you meet him... are you going to visit those wild and woolly Dales in Leura? I hope you get to. That would be a playdate I'd like to get in on.

    Take care of yourself & come by to see me sometime!

    Goober love & smooches,

    Pee S
    No show pup could ever be too good for you, Ruby. You deserve the very best.

  8. What a shame we didn't get too meet you. It sounds like you had a great time without us though...Please promise us that next time you are within a 200km radius we'll catch up :)