Tuesday, October 13, 2009

last afternoon all together

Well, we had our last day all together today. Three of the puppies are off to their new homes tomorrow and the other two on Saturday. One of them is staying though... the only little girl, Red.

We love them all dearly, but it is time for them to head out to their new lives.

You can see how active they are - they're mad! Our backyard is way too small for all these guys to scoot around. The big world beckons and they're ready to go.


  1. Oh goshers, how time flies. Even we will be missing the little mongrels and there could even be a tear or two.
    Ahhh, the shoe nipping...Now that's something the little Inkster has fond memories of.
    All the best to the pupsters. We wish they'll all find good forever homes (and we hope you, Rubes, will get a bit of a break)!

  2. There are a lot of people that are very excited today. We look forward to giving Mr Blue a very loving home.

    Sarah & Syd

  3. How sad to see all of the puppies go! We hope their new families will start blogs so we can keep up with their daily adventures forever!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. I know you will miss them tremendously!! I will miss seeing them playing on your bloggy!! They just make you smile, don't they???

  5. Hiya mum,

    it was a little strange sleeping in my very own place last night, i was pretty brave and only cried a tiny bit. Its pretty cool, I have lots of toys to play with and I think its going to be lots of fun. I also have a grown up name too so now I am called Fozzie. Come and visit when you can.

    love Fozzie (Mr Blue)

  6. We loved following your babies growing up Ruby. We'll miss seeing them scooting about your backyard. They certainly had a great start in life and we hope Lady Luck will continue to be with them!
    Finni xx