Saturday, February 13, 2010

walk in the park

We finally had a bit of cool weather this morning, still very humid, but much cooler. We went for a walk along the Cooks River. I finally got Kay to take a few pictures of ME for a change.

Here we are, ready to go. You can see that Neil was pretty keen to go too.

We found a kid's playground and had a bit of fun.

Jumping over stuff...

Getting in stuff... I did get in this, but I was out so fast, Kay didn't get the picture - it was too slippery inside.

Sitting on stuff. Gracie wasn't too sure when Neil started rocking back and forth,but she stayed on, with some encouragement.

I had to stay on leash the whole time because this little guy was following us. He was very interested in me and Kay did not think that Foxy x Airedale puppies were a good idea.

I suppose not. You're out of luck this time, Mr Foxy.


  1. Our grandpinky lives close to the Cook's River but do you think we've ever been there....noooooooo of course not.
    Glad you had a good time. Stay away from that Foxy...crikey!!

    Noah x

  2. That playground looks like a lot of fun!
    Good thing you stayed away from Mr. Foxy, Ruby!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Neil sure does look excited about getting out! :D
    Happy Valentine's Rube & Gracie.
    Finni xx & Nelly xx

  4. Jump in the river and swim!
    A bit of warm sun sounds verrrrry nice.

  5. What a fun afternoon!! You two are so clever with all your tricks!! I am so jealous!! I usually stare at mama when she tries to get me to do something other than sit! hehe