Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ratty's close call

We had such an exciting morning. Let me tell you, I got SOOO close to catching that pesky rat that comes into our backyard every now and again. SOOO close!

I had him out in the open and running for his little furry life. We were just coming down the side of the house, when Neil opened the back door. Ratty bolted through the door, over Neil's foot and into the laundry.

I nearly had him, but having Neil in the way slowed me down somewhat and when Ratso did a sudden u-turn, he was quicker than me.

We bolted out the door again, past Neil (again) at which point Gracie joined the chase. The three of us continued at top speed down the side alley, where lucky Mr Rat squeezed under the front gate and got away. Gosh we were excited. So excited! I have never gotten that close before.

Sadly, there were no photos taken of any of this, but I am eagerly awaiting a rematch - I watch the hole under the fence all the time now. I'm sure he'll be back and I am determined to get that pesky varmit next time.

I know us Airedales are famous for being ratters - I am a bit surprised how tricky it is to actually catch the little critters - they don't seem to want to play the same game that we do.

I shall prevail one day.


  1. Good game. you will definitely get hm next time, that was just a warm up!

  2. Much luck when catching and a beautiful play. Show, what a correct Airedale is.
    Lots of love

  3. Our paws are crossed that you get Ratty the very next time you see him!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. Wow, I love chasing rats. They are so much fun to chase. I love ratting. Lucky!
    Sally Ann

  5. Hang in there, Ruby! You can do it!! And when you finally catch Ratty, make sure you prance around with him in your mouth and how your pinkies what a grand job you did!

  6. You are a true terrier! Good job! We hunt Moles around here.