Saturday, February 4, 2012

we revisit Sherwood bridge

We had to go to Sherwood bridge to gather river stones for decorating our garden. There are an amazing amount of stones, so nobody will miss the few buckets that we took.

This might have been the last fun time we had since Christmas. It has been work, work, work ever since!

Neil and Kay built a cool deck up at the Arakoon house. Once the decking was in place I realised that I had the perfect spot to keep an eye on the entire neighbourhood... hah! nothing will escape my eagle eye now. Here is how it looked as it was being built.

Once we got back to Sydney, the work continued. It's all ladders and drop cloths as just about everything is getting a fresh coat of paint. Word is that the house is going 'on the market', which is different from going to the market. Hmmm. Mostly it means less trips to the park for us dogs!


  1. Why do our peeps work so hard? They need us Airedales to remind them to stop and play once in awhile!!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

    That is a pretty nice dog perch, you are building there!

  2. What a cool deck. I wish I had one of those at my house!

    Love ya lots,

  3. Ruby, that's a great porch to spy on your hood! Good luck to your p's and getting ready to put it up for sale. That's a lot of work!

    I can't believe you like to go so far in the water. NOT ME! I put my delicate paws in and that's IT!


  4. ooooh! fun at the river! we are very glad you had anuhventure at the river! we love to swim, too!