Saturday, December 27, 2008

I spent two weeks at the beach recently. It was at Arakoon, just outside of South West Rocks on the east coast of Australia.

The beaches are just divine... and hardly anyone is there. We have the place to ourselves most of the time. Sometimes I meet up with my good friend Gibson, but usually it's just me and the seagulls!

I love a run on the beach, a swim ( if the surf isn't too rough) and of course a good dig in the sand. Digging is quite good for building up the shoulders, you know.

Airedales are fearless, but not stupid. When I was a young pup, I got seriously tumbled by a big wave crashing on the beach. That made me very cautious about swimming out past the breakers. Now I carefully choose my moment to swim out and fetch the frisbee (or stick, or ball, or Neil, if he insists on going out too far).

I love the beach.

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  1. Great blog Rubes, meet ya at the beach next time you're up - fearless girl. D