Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Here I am at my post - on duty - watching the empty spot across the road. I sit here for hours... waiting... just waiting... just in case HE should appear.

When HE does, I make an enormous racket and gallop up the hallway to let everyone know about it too. They are supposed to get up and quickly open the door so I can chase HIM, but they never seem to figure this bit out.

This is HE for whom I wait.

Once, when Neil was not paying enough attention, I raced out the gate and chased that devilish black critter clear around his apartment block! Ha, that was great.

There are quite a few other cats in this neighbourhood too. I have to be on full alert to spot them all as they loll about, thinking they own the place.

Here's the one just two doors down. He's oh so smug - doesn't realise how dangerous and dedicated us Airedales are. You just wait, cat... one day I might get lucky.

Kay makes me practice my heeling up and down past him and the others. She thinks I should stay focused on her! Not likely.

But she sometimes pivots around so quickly, that I don't notice. She's a bit tricky like that, so I do have to pay attention so as not to get a rude surprise.

She calls it distraction training and it truly does drive me to distraction.


  1. There is a house with tons of kitties on our daily walkie and we are always on high alert when we pass by!
    We hope you get lucky one day, Ruby, but we're not sure what this will mean?!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Ruby I am just the same as you. See a cat and it just has to be chased. Quite a few around here must have lost a few of their lives by now!


  3. Oh yes, we have one of those critters next door and you wont believe this but it actually comes into our yard. Bryan lets Lucy give chase sometimes (I'm too slow for it lol) but she hasn't caught it yet. It has actually killed some of the native birds that feed in our garden.


  4. We missed you!Glad you came back to fill us in on what you're up to.I actually was forced to live (happily) with a flatnosed cat named Chuck until last March.I really loved him, but he didn't care for me.I might like to give chase to one now though.They are fickle creatures.beckon you to come one moment,then try to scratch your eyes out the next.XOXO-BabyRocketDog

  5. Hi Ruby,

    My name is Mona & I live in Texas with my Mommy.
    I am doing a feature called "the Strings of Friendshio A-Z". I was looking for a Airedale that I didn't already know.I found your blog and found out you know my best airedale. I hope you don't mind but I picked you for my post. I sure hope that you wil consider being my friend too!!
    Come over and tell me what you think.

    You new friend.....Mona

  6. Hi Ruby,

    Thanks for stopping by. Maggie and Mitch are the best airedale friends I was talking about. They want a car too. It's a small world isn't it?
    I've so glad we met.

    Love ya Mona

  7. Ruby, those catses would make great snacks! We have one that lives across the street from us, but he never comes into our back yard. Sometimes, he lays on our front step. We can't see him, but we KNOW when he's there! Even our barking and pawing at the front door doesn't make him go home.

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  8. It's like television for us dogs... :)