Saturday, March 21, 2009

Agility classes have started again!

OMG I love agility. I zoom around the courses...up the dog walk, through the tunnels (love the tunnels!), over the jumps, through the weave poles (okay, still not so great at weave poles). It is just so exciting - like an amusement park for dogs. We train at night, so it's nice and cool - but not so good for photos.

Those see-saws are a bit tricky though. Have you ever noticed how much they look like a dog walk?

I go barreling up what I think is a solid ramp and WHOOPS, it's the see-saw and it's moving and I'm moving and there is nothing for it but to launch off into space and hope for the best. Which I do.

Kay says this is not the best technique she's ever seen. She babbles things like "steady, steady", "slowly, slowly".... I'm an Airedale, those words are not in my vocabulary.

There's another Airedale at my agility club now! He's Ralph and he's an English dale that has come all the way out to Australia. It's always fun when there's more than one of us.
Look how much bigger he is than me! Mind you, nearly everyone is, I am somewhat on the petite side.

Ralph is in beginners, but hopefully he will be up with me in the big dog's class and we can show those Border Collies a thing or two.

(Well, maybe, they are incredibly fast and even more focused than me - hard to believe, but true).
Anyway, I recommend agility to all my blogger friends - it's such fun.


  1. SO,can you recommend such a place for training here in Phoenix, Arizona? I couldn't find anything, but maybe I'm looking under the wrong thing. IS there an international organization for agility? Baby & Hootie both need to get into this. Email me at with info. Thx!

  2. Hey Ruby
    Can you ask Ralph if he used to live in Leura. I think we might know him.
    My sissy Tess is quite petite too. Willow isn't much bigger either.
    It would be great if we could try agility but our pinkies dont have time to take us....sigh. Hey are you going to the million paws walk this year down at Homebush? We are. It would be good to see you there.

    Noah x

  3. You look so happy in your agility pictures, Ruby! It's very obvious how much you love it! We can't wait to see more videos of you in action!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. Ciao bella Ruby!!

    Thank looks like SO much fun, mia amica! And how great that Ralph is there now to be your 'dale training buddy!

    There was a mini agility course set up at my first obedience class and I loved the tunnel -- I zoomied back and forth in it non stop! Mia ragazza says we'll give agility a go once I finish obedience training. Yayyy!!

    Tanti baci!!

  5. Ruby, we've filled out the Airedale Terrier Association of NSW membership form and we're posting it off tomorrow. Yay!
    Hey are you and your folks doing the Million Paws Walk this year. It's on Sunday May 17 at Homebush. We're going. Yay!

    Noah Willow Tess Lucy

  6. Hey Noah, that's great. The Million paws walk is on the same day as my first agility trial at Blacktown, so guess where I'm going to be! Would love to meet you guys though.


  7. Hi Ruby

    This is Ezzy and Jagger from Roswell, GA, USA
    You are one cute Airedale. We too started our Agility classes again. It is nice to meet you and we will be following your adventures and you are welcome to follow ours.


  8. Hi Ruby!

    My name's Jedi, I'm a keeshond. I just started at the same agility club as you! My HM showed me your blog in the newsletter! We had our first night last night and I had lots of fun! I can't wait to have more of a read of your blog! I've added you to my blog roll!

    I also have a sister, Ahsoka - she'll be starting at agility soon, too!