Monday, March 2, 2009

new frisbees!

Today I got some new frisbees - Wham-O fastbacks - the friendly guy from Sydney Flying Discs delivered them right to the door - how good is that! Thanks Luke.

Kay did some research and it seems that some discs are better than others for aire dog fun. These ones hang in the air a bit longer - giving me a better chance to zoom in and catch them.

I can't really believe that there are THREE of them... ooh, which one do I want first...? Just need to get him to stop posing and throw one!

Here are my ever-so-keen terrier action shots. I'll get that sucker whichever way it goes. Gosh, I love to chase things.

Here is me catching the green one on the first go - despite the other distracting dogs running around.


  1. Hey Ruby
    We'd love to see the video. Too bad blogger wasn't being cooperative. Maybe you can post it soon. We think that flying disc bight be good for Lucy.


  2. Great catch, Ruby! You're really good with catching those frisbees!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Ruby Girl!

    You are AireMazing! I stink at catching frizbees, but I'm a natural at catching balls & treats! Did you have to practice to get that good or is yours a natural talent?

    LOVED seeing you in action on the video. You have a lovely speaking voice!

    Goober love,