Monday, May 18, 2009

My first agility trial

On Saturday, I went to my first agility trial. It was so much fun. And although I didn't get a 'clean run', I did get through all my courses with just some minor faults.

Kay was very happy with me - there were just a few moments when I lost focus - like when I saw Neil on the sidelines taking pictures.

But really, it's Kay that needs more work - on her fitness levels, 'cause I was running fast and she was seriously puffing!

See her in this clip trying to get ahead of me to do a front cross, but I just zoomed on and she had to abandon that and just try and keep up - heehee.

I even got the weave poles right, if a bit slow.

In a way, it is a tortoise and hare kind of event... the border collies were just so, so fast - but they often made mistakes like taking the wrong jump and got eliminated. I just came along carefully, did everything in the right order... and ended up with two firsts, a second and a third place.

Go the Airedale!


  1. What a clever Dale you are! We wish our mum would take us to agility...

  2. Go Ruby Go!!! You're a champ!
    There is no way we could do that hehe.

    Do you know a dale called Ralph from Hunters Hill. He used to live here in Leura for a bit. We met him and his pinkies yesterday at the Million Paws Walk.


  3. Wow, Ruby!!! You are so awesome!! Congratulations!!!

  4. Congratulations, Ruby! You did an awesome job! Did you hear us cheering for you?!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch