Sunday, May 3, 2009

Obedience trial

I haven't had much to say after last Sunday. I went for an obedience trial - I just need one more pass to get my Novice title. I know this routine like the back of my paw.

There I was, going great guns.... heeling really good, paying attention, yes sir! Sit, stand, down - yessirree. Recall - nearly perfect, stand for examination - nearly perfect.

And then... I just kind of lost concentration, just for a moment... and then, what? what was that?

Did you say down? Hmmm, not sure, will sit just to be safe.

Oh, you did say down? Okay, okay, I'm down, no worries.

Too late? Failed?? ...again. Geez.

That's kind of how it all went.
Oh well, there's always another trial somewhere down the road.

Kay wasn't totally impressed, I must say. Lucky she loves me anyway.


  1. Believe us Ruby when we say, you are still one of the most obedient pooches that we know. At the dog park NO ONE ever listens to their hoomans. It's like a nut house with hoomans hollering and blowing whistles and waving their arms and none of the dogs pay attention. It's like we are all suddenly deaf! Mom has vowed to get us trained, so we might be in for a rough time when we get home to Idaho! Wish us luck.
    Smooches, BabyRocketDog & Hootie
    ps-I'm good when it's just Mommy & me. Hootie is a bad influence!

  2. Oh damn! I'm sure you'll pass soon enough!! You're just keeping your Hoomie on their toes!! :P

    ~ Jedi ~

  3. Well we think you're one clever dale Ruby, pass or not, you're a winner to us.

    Noah Willow Tess Lucy
    ps. will you be at the club day in July? D says she'll take me along but she cant bring all of us because Bryan cant make it.

  4. We think you're terrific, Ruby! You're one smart girl and you'll get there - we're sure of it!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Ruby

    We think you are very clever. We don't do those things.
    Hpwever,we do have excellent selective deafness skills though!!!

    Molly and Taffy