Tuesday, September 15, 2009

puppies on the loose

Well, things are getting lively around here nowadays. The pups are getting so big - they can even climb out of their box in between feeds and come looking for me.

I can hardly keep track of them - they scoot around in seven different directions at once!
And yes, that one seems to have four white paws... I'm sure that's not quite standard Airedale...
They'll be moving outside soon, cause they have well and truly outgrown the whelping box.


  1. They are so cute, Ruby! Little mini Rubys!

    Good luck for Open!

  2. The person with the white shoes is sooooo adorable. Our friend Marley has a white shoe, too, only one though. Nice puppies, Rubester. You look like a good Mama...

  3. Ruby, you're such a happy looking Mummy! Your babies are so cute. We love the one with the four white paws!

  4. White paws looks like he stepped into a snow bank! Your pups are getting so big, Ruby, and they are so darn cute!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. I like that one's little white paws! They are all so precious!!! I bet you just love on them all the time!

  6. White paws....oh my goodness, Tess has white paws and she is Tjuringa like your puppies daddy.
    How about that.
    Ruby you're doing a fabbo job with your puppies.

    Noah x