Thursday, September 3, 2009

puppy update

Well all is much the same in my world as last time I did a post... it's all about feeding those puppies. Luckily, we've moved from two hourly feeds to four hourly.

I can at least get a bit of rest or even a trip to the park in between now.

We all still have to do a couple of middle of the night feeds - Kay and Neil won't stop going on about how tired they are. What about moi?! I have no sympathy - this was all their idea.

Here's a photo of the little guys in action - look at those ears swept back, they are really working to get that milk out fast.

Kay had to cut everybody's toenails the other day - they were so sharp - I could hardly stand it when they started pumping. It's much better now. Phew.

Look how they are nearly filling the basket nowadays - will definitely have to get something bigger soon.

Their eyes are just starting to open.

Won't be long before they are up and into everything.


  1. They are sooo aredorable. I bet Kay and Neil would want to keep them all..

  2. Oh Rubs, I can only imagine how painful those nails must be. Thank goodness Kay knows how to trim iddy biddy little tiny nails.
    The puppies look so adorable. You are obviously a pawesome mum.


  3. Your puppers are just adorable, Ruby! They're growing so fast!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. They are looking very contented! You're all doing a wonderful job. Everytime we look at new pictures they have grown so much!
    Any names yet?
    Nelly xx

  5. Ruby you are a Supermum. You will have your paws full when they can see and start delving into everything.

    Molly, Taffy and Monty

  6. How lucky you are to be a Mommy. Your babies are amazing. Are you a champion, i.e. show dogging,? I'm not, but I my future sister in law is a champion. Who is the daddy? Is he a show dog? In the welsh world, Spidy is very handsome, and he has sired many litters. One day, Owen and I will adopt from Welsh Terrier Rescue of Atlanta;well, because, I can't have babies. I don't think O-O can. Oh, how lucky you are to be a Mommy.
    Sally Ann
    P. S. I'll be having a wedding shower(virtual, I think) Please come. Perhaps, one of your babies could be a flower girl.