Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fetch the paper

Although Kay and Neil read the news online most of the time, they do get the Saturday papers delivered to our door. I think they do this for me mostly, as I love to race down the hall and fetch them.

Unfortunately, now I have to share the fun with Gracie. Luckily the paper comes in two parts.

She doesn't even know what she's doing and slows me down big time. But she just has to be part of it. Have I mentioned what a pest she is?

Anyway, here is the video of this morning's excitement. Kay is not impressed that we have footage of her in pajamas and robe... but hey, not my fault - that's what she looks like early in the morning.

We get lots of yummy liver bits with this game...
and Kay and Neil get a slobbery newspaper, delivered to hand.


  1. I too used to carry the newspaper in. That was when I was a lone dog. Now my fun is ruined and I am no longer the fetcher of the newspaper.....sigh.

    Noah x
    ps. that's pretty impressive fetching gals

  2. Kay and Neil are lucky to get their newspaper delivered by two smart girls! What a fun long hallway to race up and down and mom loves your black and white floor!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. We are thinkin' that you are two of the smartest pooches in the world!! Mommy tried to teach Hootie to fetch the paper in Phx but he was more interested in grasshopper and such. She's never tried with me. Maybe this should be her new project.

    ps-Love the sound of your nails clicking on the hardwood floors.

  4. Very clever. AND you made us laugh! Just the noise of it was enough! Love it...
    Molly likes to play the same game and she's darn good too!

  5. I just found your lovely blog through my friends Inky and Molly !Your tricks made my staff laugh out loud and I am very impressed that you have trained your staff so well to give you liver yummies -must have taken a lot of hard work.