Friday, July 9, 2010

Fun day

Last Sunday we went to the Airedale fun day. It turned out to be a lovely day - lots of Airedale friends and wonderful sunny weather.

Kay and Neil set up a small agility course for us all to play on. Many of the Dales had not seen a any agility equipment before, so we gave them lots of time to practice before we had a race.

Little Gracie and Kay were the fastest of all! It should have been me, but Neil is new to agility and he was just so slow. Hmmph.

Best of all was Major, an older Dale who is nearly totally blind - but he did the whole course, over jumps, up the A frame, through the tunnel and weave poles - he was amazing. We gave him a special prize. He just trusts his Janine so much, he follows her voice anywhere.

We also played a soccer relay in honour of the World Cup. I thought all the kicking was just silly, so I picked the ball up and carried it to the finish line, but even then, our team didn't win. I did win the Recall race however, so that was something.

Unfortunately, not many photos were taken on the day (Kay and Neil were too busy organising the games, I guess). You will have to go over to Noah's blog for more photos.

But we did get some pics of Fozzie and Diesel - Gracie's brothers. They are looking very handsome and it was great to see them together. What lovely boys they are.

Diesel (was Purple ribbon puppy)

Fozzie (was Blue ribbon puppy) and Diesel at the back.


  1. It sounds like you had an awesome day! How special to see Major doing the agility stuff too! Good for him!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. What fun! That's what the world needs, more Airedale Fun Days!


  3. I'm in awe of Major. You know we are the same age but I'm not very good at agility. We had a great day. Thanks for organising the games.

    Noah & Willow

  4. Oh, like nicely, there had to her a lot of fun!
    So we also know a Major. Astonishingly which achievements are possible only about hearing.
    Lots of love

  5. Wow that looks like fun! We are off to a Lapphund picnic today! Yaaay!

  6. A fun day indeed! How neat to get to see Gracie's brothers and all the other 'dales that were there!!

  7. That sounds like a fabbers day. We're all keen for more agility but with the Inky pups being crippled our lives have somewhat changed...