Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dinner time

Here's a quick video of one of the favourite parts of my day - dinner time! First we check out the fridge, then check out the bag of dog food... yes all looks good.

Then Neil and I do some quick eye-to-mouth coordination practice - this must be where I developed my frisbee catching skills. And then it's out the back to chow down! Yummm.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Agility classes have started again!

OMG I love agility. I zoom around the courses...up the dog walk, through the tunnels (love the tunnels!), over the jumps, through the weave poles (okay, still not so great at weave poles). It is just so exciting - like an amusement park for dogs. We train at night, so it's nice and cool - but not so good for photos.

Those see-saws are a bit tricky though. Have you ever noticed how much they look like a dog walk?

I go barreling up what I think is a solid ramp and WHOOPS, it's the see-saw and it's moving and I'm moving and there is nothing for it but to launch off into space and hope for the best. Which I do.

Kay says this is not the best technique she's ever seen. She babbles things like "steady, steady", "slowly, slowly".... I'm an Airedale, those words are not in my vocabulary.

There's another Airedale at my agility club now! He's Ralph and he's an English dale that has come all the way out to Australia. It's always fun when there's more than one of us.
Look how much bigger he is than me! Mind you, nearly everyone is, I am somewhat on the petite side.

Ralph is in beginners, but hopefully he will be up with me in the big dog's class and we can show those Border Collies a thing or two.

(Well, maybe, they are incredibly fast and even more focused than me - hard to believe, but true).
Anyway, I recommend agility to all my blogger friends - it's such fun.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Trip to the beach

We got to get away for a quick break to the beach last weekend - it was good fun. I dug an amazing, big hole - nearly to China (which isn't actually so far from Australia).
I was a full-on Airedale digging machine. Watch me in action! Neil said there was a crab at the bottom, but I never did find it.

Then on the way back, we stopped at a cafe in Buladelah and Kay and Neil had burgers and chips. I have told them that all the other Airedales get to share the chips (and pizza and ice cream). And then... I got one!

Mmmm, very nice too.

Life is good!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Farewell Klaus

We were so sad to hear of your passing.

We only just recently started blogging... just to get an idea of what this "blogging thing is all about". Bogart's blog was our inspiration. We felt that we were just starting to get to know Bogart and his folks and now his Dad is gone. What tragic news.

But it has been the most amazing introduction to the power of blogging.

We followed Klaus's updates several times a day and thought about him constantly. When Bogart got to visit the hospital, we were in tears. I'm sure we all felt the same.

So this is what "social networking" means. What an eye opener!

Our thoughts are with Lulu and Bogart - we're so sorry for your loss.

Monday, March 2, 2009

new frisbees!

Today I got some new frisbees - Wham-O fastbacks - the friendly guy from Sydney Flying Discs delivered them right to the door - how good is that! Thanks Luke.

Kay did some research and it seems that some discs are better than others for aire dog fun. These ones hang in the air a bit longer - giving me a better chance to zoom in and catch them.

I can't really believe that there are THREE of them... ooh, which one do I want first...? Just need to get him to stop posing and throw one!

Here are my ever-so-keen terrier action shots. I'll get that sucker whichever way it goes. Gosh, I love to chase things.

Here is me catching the green one on the first go - despite the other distracting dogs running around.