Monday, November 9, 2009

play date

Last Sunday we went to a play date for Gracie, Fozzie and Ringo. They live nearby and we thought it would be fun to all get together.

We met at Ringo's house - he has a big backyard, good for lot's of play.

Those little guys had no respect for me, their own mother. They literally attacked - all trying to play bitey face at once.

I growled, Gracie growled.. better not mess with the girls...

That didn't put them off one bit. They just kept on and on. Such terrors.

They played and played until everyone was worn out.

Fozzie has had a smart, new haircut. It made him look very grown up. Ringo and Gracie were still curly, but not for that much longer. Summer is on the way!

It was lovely catching up with the boys and seeing how well they are going.

Thanks Ringo, for having us over - it sure was fun.

Next time, when everyone is all vaccinated, we'll have to go to Callan Park and paddle in the bay! Always good for a hot day.