Monday, February 25, 2013

Bad dog Ruby

Ruby is in such big trouble this morning... Instead of our normal walk on the beach, she took off into the bush - seems she had spotted one of these...

She didn't come back and she didn't come back and we had to spend the next three hours scrambling through the bush tracks looking for her. Kay was worried that she might have gotten too close to one of the big kangas, as they can kill a dog with their big hind feet, like this.

Ha, as if an Airedale is fast enough to get that close! I know, I've tried it before myself. They are sooo fast.

We finally did find her. She hasn't budged from her bed since she got back - she's feeling a bit the worse for wear I suspect. It was a pleasant change to not be the naughty dog this time... 

Bad dog, Ruby! Glad you're back.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

foamy beach

Our beach was really funny yesterday morning - it was covered with foam. There have been floods and storms lately, and everything go whipped up into an amazing froth.

Early morning was unreal, the foam was a few feet high - by the time we got back in the afternoon with the camera, it wasn't quite so impressive. But here we are in it anyway.

  It didn't taste very good, but it made our paws white.