Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas morning

We had a simple Christmas this year. We are up at the beach house, which is different. We used to rent it out at this time of year before, but have decided to move up here permanently soon, so have it all to ourselves now!

We had already done prezzies with Megan and Marieke last week, but we still had a few more on the morning.
I am a master unwrapper...see the blur that is me, ripping the paper off this one.

Gracie tried to help, but I was fine doing it all myself.

What's this...?

I think it is... yes, it really is... a big Wobble that dispenses food everytime you knock it over! Yay! It took me about 5 seconds to work it out. I whacked it all over the living room getting treats with every swipe.

Kay said I had to give Gracie a chance too, but she was so slow at it - I couldn't watch. Anyway, while she played with the Wobble, I got the rock. It is very chewy and bounces in crazy's a challenge to work out which way it will go.

Unless Gracie gets it first, then it goes where she goes - and I chase her round the yard until she is too tired to get away from me.

We hope all you doggies in the blogosphere also had a fun day and got lot's of fun toys and all the best for a great new year!