Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas day fun

After a morning of swimming and chasing frisbees on the beach, we came back ready for a good lie down.  Gracie decided that the bale of hay under the deck would be just the ticket to dry off and have a snooze.

 She looks like a dog in the manger!

 It looked like a good nest tho, so when she got up for a minute, I jumped in...and yes, it was quite cosy.

Earlier that morning, we got to unwrap a lot of Christmas prezzies. 

This is Neil with his...

and me with some of mine.
They were chewy, squeaky good fun, but it didn't take me long to shred them all! And Gracie's too.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Gracie and her favourite hole

Turns out Gracie has a few holes that she works on when the mood takes her...
This one.
And this one.

 But this one is her favourite on a hot day - cool and shady under the banana trees.

And it is getting hot these days. The tomatoes are bursting out of their tunnel...

So Neil had to build something more spacious for them...

Voila! A very tall tomato tunnel. That should keep them happy for awhile. You can see our grass isn't too good - seems we run up and down too much for the stuff to grow. 
Hmmmph, surely not our fault! Maybe Neil should fertilise it more or something.

Definitely not my problem!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Gracie digs a hole

Gracie! What have you been doing?? You look like a strange Siamese cat... or a very dirty dog!

I'm thinking there is a very large, Airedale-size hole in the garden somewhere.

So? What's the problem?