Sunday, May 24, 2009

obedience trial

Guess where I am...

I'm at the Sydney All Breeds Dog Training Club's annual obedience trial.

Guess what I finally did...

Yep, got my third pass and earned my CD title! Whooo hooo!

There were just a few times I got distracted in our heel work, but not enough to score too badly. I got through all the other exercises pretty well -just a few points off for some not-quite-straight sits. These people are definitely picky, picky.

But never mind, I got enough points to pass and that's the main thing.

Now it's on to Open class where there are some new exercises and I get to chase the dumbbell and go over jumps which might be fun.

Here we are posing with our pass certificate and ribbons for getting our title (complete with poodle leg).

I've finally caught up with Selby and Billy who are already in Open class. Three Airedales should be impressive.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

internet dating

I've been thinking about that boyfriend thing that Kay mentioned the other day. I'm three years old now and have been feeling that bit restless as of late.

I don't seem to meet many interesting boy dogs at the park or at training. So, I thought I'd check out the dating websites, just to see what the choices there were like.

Let's see... Fast Eddie... three years old, likes chasing stuff, great sense of humor..... not too sure about him - looks kinda high strung and neurotic... Try another one.

OMG Winston, mate! You would be the ugliest bloke I've ever seen. Oh dear... look at those red eyes... and so short.

Nope, you are definitely not my style!

Next.... Snowball --- ooooohh, quite stylish, look at those ears! --- he's probably gay. Might be fun though.

I'm not sure if these guys would be considered "suitable boyfriend"... but it might be fun to meet up ..... except not Winston.

Okay, let's keep looking...

Hey, look at Mr handsome... Romper Stomper - King of the terriers - adores tennis balls, frisbees, chasing things, tall...

This guy is definitely attractive and likes the same things as me!

Might think about emailing him or perhaps that Snowball. Maybe we could go out for a ball game or something...?

Could be fun. Might be a nice break from training.

I'll let you know how it turns out.

Monday, May 18, 2009

My first agility trial

On Saturday, I went to my first agility trial. It was so much fun. And although I didn't get a 'clean run', I did get through all my courses with just some minor faults.

Kay was very happy with me - there were just a few moments when I lost focus - like when I saw Neil on the sidelines taking pictures.

But really, it's Kay that needs more work - on her fitness levels, 'cause I was running fast and she was seriously puffing!

See her in this clip trying to get ahead of me to do a front cross, but I just zoomed on and she had to abandon that and just try and keep up - heehee.

I even got the weave poles right, if a bit slow.

In a way, it is a tortoise and hare kind of event... the border collies were just so, so fast - but they often made mistakes like taking the wrong jump and got eliminated. I just came along carefully, did everything in the right order... and ended up with two firsts, a second and a third place.

Go the Airedale!

Monday, May 11, 2009

poodle leg

Hey look at me - I've got a poodle leg, just like Maggie had a while back. I had to go the vet's and have my hips x-rayed.

They put you to sleep to do the x-ray and then they don't feed you anything for absolutely HOURS afterwards.

The vet said my hip joints looked good, but we are waiting for the official score sometime this week.

Kay says that I'm old enough to start thinking of finding a suitable boyfriend. Hmmmm, wonder what that means... but okay, I'm up for anything.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Obedience trial

I haven't had much to say after last Sunday. I went for an obedience trial - I just need one more pass to get my Novice title. I know this routine like the back of my paw.

There I was, going great guns.... heeling really good, paying attention, yes sir! Sit, stand, down - yessirree. Recall - nearly perfect, stand for examination - nearly perfect.

And then... I just kind of lost concentration, just for a moment... and then, what? what was that?

Did you say down? Hmmm, not sure, will sit just to be safe.

Oh, you did say down? Okay, okay, I'm down, no worries.

Too late? Failed?? ...again. Geez.

That's kind of how it all went.
Oh well, there's always another trial somewhere down the road.

Kay wasn't totally impressed, I must say. Lucky she loves me anyway.