Saturday, December 26, 2009

t'was a Merry Christmas

Well, we had a great Christmas morning with lots of prezzies to unwrap and chew. Here we are waiting for santa Neil to hand out the goodies.

He's wearing his new 'cool' hat - you get it wet and it keeps your head cool - just like my doggie cool coat... but my coat looks better than his funny hat, I think!

Finally, santa Neil had to surrender the whole bag so we could choose our own gifts. I was straight into it as I've done this before. Gracie didn't stand a chance.

We got a lovely selection of squeaky, chewable stuff and we were pretty pleased.

After breakfast and a bit of a clean up - we headed out to the park. It wasn't too hot as there were a lot of clouds around, but it was still warm. I headed for the duck pond, ignoring the 'No dogs' sign ( and Kay yelling at me to not to even think of going in the water - hah!) and had a lovely little dip. Gracie just enjoyed the mud on the edge while admiring my swimming prowess.

We then ran and played (with our muddy paws) and had a great time.

I hope all you blogging friends had a wonderful holiday (all you lucky dogs in the North with all your snow would have had such fun) and best wishes for a happy, carefree new year too!

Friday, December 18, 2009

sock foot

That Gracie is just so cute these days. She is looking like a proper little Airedale now. But with her fluffy coat and big feet, everyone pays all their attention to her - instead of ME.

I had to come up with a really sore foot to get Neil and Kay to pay attention. I limped around on three legs until they got the idea.

Then I just ended up with this sock on my foot and had to go rest in my bed, while they played with Gracie. Hmmph. It's hard to compete with a puppy.

PS. My foot is better now - I did get some nice treats and other delicacies to ease my pain. So it worked out pretty well.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Dales

We had the best fun at the Airedale fun day/christmas party yesterday.

There were so many Airedales, it was great to see them all. We played some games and I got the fastest time on the obstacle course with Neil. Noah was an impressive second place.

The bobbing for hot dogs was soooo easy, once you figured it out - I snatched lots of hot dogs while Gracie was still looking for her first one. Delicious.

Check out this photo of Noah! What a cool dude he is, He was the very deserving winner of the fancy dress parade. He was the 'Hung over, Morning after' santa. And such a good looking guy.

You will see that I however, had to wear a full santa suit, complete with pathetic beard and pompoms. Lucky that I am such a patient soul... I put up with it all. Even Gracie managed to not chew the bells off her elf's costume, although she really wanted to. Pretty good considering all the stuff Kay draped on us.

Actually all the Dales were very good. Here's my boy, Fozzie with his Sarah. In the back is Teddy with Maisie and Abby. Teddy is from Oldiron kennels, just like me. He's my nephew or cousin, I think.

Look at this lineup - it's over 30 degrees... and we're wearing christmas costumes and tinsel. Makes you wonder... we must all be mad.

Make sure you go over to visit Noah's blog - he has lots more pictures of the day.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

working dogs

Gosh that Gracie is growing up fast. Kay was away for two weeks and Gracie must have grown two inches in that time. She is also very fluffy and has the biggest feet!
She has been going off to work with Neil and I every day and is adapting to the life of a first year carperter's apprentice quite well. First year apprentices just lie around a lot and chew bones - a bit similar to a third year apprentice like myself.
Here's me having a nice kip in the pile of old insulation. Very cosy, if a bit itchy.
When we're not working, we're playing. She is getting pretty quick - the camera could barely stop the action of her snapping jaws. Lucky I've got quick reactions or I could be in trouble with this young shark around.