Monday, May 30, 2011

last day of work

Neil, Gracie and I are now officially retired from working. Hooray!

Not that I minded working, we always got to see and meet a lot of interesting folks along the way. We've been working on Fozzie's house for the last few months.

He lives in a neighbourhood that has tiny, tiny backyards - so us dogs didn't get too much room. There is even less in the front garden where we are here. As you can see, the play yard is a bit cramped.

So finding a quiet place for an afternoon nap wasn't always easy.

But it did allow one to beg shamelessly over the fence. That's a yummy looking pig's ear, Anthony!

At the end of the last day, all the tradies had a beer with Neil and farewelled us off into retirement.

It was always lots of fun working with Anthony and the crew.

But even if we hadn't retired, I am off on maternity leave for the next few months.

I thought I was putting on weight with all that yummy food... seems like the problem started back when we went to visit Romper!

I can hardly lug this tummy around anymore - I have definitely lost the spring in my step and certainly can't jump into the car at all.

I'll be glad when the little nippers finally arrive!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

food, glorious food

Gee whiz, I'm hungry all the time these days. Might be the cold weather, I guess.

Kay is being very obliging and giving me all sorts of extra yummy food. I even get breakfast now - which is a welcome change.

Here is a tray of fresh liver that is going in the freezer - I get one slab a day, quite delish.

And here is the raw vegie mix that Kay makes up for us. She says it has all sorts of good ingredients in it. Don't know about that part, but it is pretty tasty as well.

Here we are licking the bowl. It's a flurry of Airedales!

After all this extra eating, I get pretty tired and like to sleep a lot too. Neil says that I am getting fat - he might be right, I do seem to have put on a few extra kilos.

Nevermind, it's nearly time for morning tea... I've gotta go hang around the kitchen!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

nearly famous

Who are those good looking Dales in the latest Freedom Furniture catalog? Why, it's us!

We are nearly famous now, I would think.

It is just a tiny photo - about the size of a postage stamp. We were supposed to be on the cover as well, but I guess we were left on the cutting room floor.

Anyway, we spent a whole day at a posh house in the Southern Highlands, waiting for our photo shoot. It was an interesting day watching the arty types at work. Neil said the renumeration was worth it. Not too sure what that means, but he was pretty pleased with it.

See the nice brown leather couch? We bought one just about the same recently. Kay says it is in dirt colour... something about having too many Airedales rubbing up against our old white ones. I'm not fussed what colour a couch is, as long as I can dry off on it.