Friday, March 19, 2010

fun at the beach

We have a beach house at Arakoon - a little place just near South West Rocks (north of Port Maquarie and south of Coffs). It's got a big backyard and is only about five minutes walk to Trial Bay beach.

On the way, there is a steep sand dune to climb up and gallop down. Here we are, hurdling down the hill as fast as we can go. You can't really tell it's a hill, but it is.

Later, we were up on the headland, when Neil said "Where's Kay?" We were off like a shot to find her...and we did. I guess we were a far way away from the camera, because we look like two little specks... but at least you can get the idea of how clever we are.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

at the beach

We've just come back from two weeks holiday at the beach!

We had a great time - long walks on the beach at least once a day - rain or shine.

We had a few gorgeous days like this one - and quite a few cool, rainy ones too.

Now that summer is over, the tourists have gone home and left the beach to us. Pretty good!

Here's Gracie with Neil, relaxing in the dunes.

She loves the beach as much as me, I think. Although she isn't much of a swimmer yet - she's slowly finding her way with the waves.

There are massive rocks on the headlands, we scrambled all up and over them - I felt just like Rin Tin Tin.

The mid-north coast is just sooo beautiful - and lots of fun for dogs.