Friday, August 23, 2013

Agility success

Gracie and I went over to the Port Macquarie Agility Trials last week-end. We had a great time, winning lots of ribbons and qualifications (quallies). We got to run around, up and down the dog walks, through the tunnels..excellent fun!

We each had four classes over the two days and I came home with 3 quallies, a first place ribbon and 3 third place ribbons. Pretty good, eh.

Unfortunately, they weren't giving out toys for prizes, they were giving out household items. I so look forward to winning a toy. I never take my eye off the lady with the microphone, because she might call our names. Kay let us rip up the cardboard box from the household item that we won instead.

Here is a video of our first place agility excellent run. Who would have thought the Airedale would win it??

Oh yeah, Gracie went really well too. She got a quallie in her jumping class and that made her title. Now she'll be up in my class...the excellent level.