Friday, June 25, 2010

backyard fun

We have a nice big backyard up at Arakoon - great for running off excess energy.

See us go zoomies as I try to catch that little pest, Gracie.
She sure is fast. She's always the one in front.

See that big burn mark on the grass? That's where Neil set the lawn mower on fire. He got really excited and burnt up several towels and rags trying to put it out. Kay finally brought out the fire extinguisher and that did the trick. Exciting stuff.

Here are some stills taken from the zoomie movie.

Look at us, Airedales in full flight!

Friday, June 11, 2010

at the beach again

We have spent all week at our beach house - it's been great (if a bit cold). There have been long walks on the beach every day and lots of gorgeous smelly fish and such to find in the dunes.

Gracie runs and runs and although she is braver now about going into the water - she still won't swim out to fetch a stick. So all the sticks are mine...

where is it?

you"ve got to look out for those waves

there it is

But when I get back to shore, she attacks and tries to wrestles it away.

And then the chase is on!
Gosh she is fast - I can't catch her once she is in full flight
- and so quick on the turns.
We love the beach!