Monday, August 13, 2012

Team Airedale brings home the gold

We went to an agility trial this weekend in Port Macquarie. It was cold and wet and VERY MUDDY.
But Team Airedale rocked! We got 3 golds, 2 silvers and 2 bronzes.
 That's 7 places for 8 classes entered. Not too shabby!

I got a qualifying certificate for every one of my classes, Gracie got two for her jumping classes, but just had a point or two off in each agility classes, so NQ (no qualify).

We won lots of prizes as well - some of them edible! Gracie got my tub of treats when no one was looking and ate the lot - lucky she won the same on Sunday. She had to share hers with me. They were delish!

Kay got really muddy - so did everyone. Some people slipped and fell in, but she managed to stay upright.

 Her tennis shoes don't look so good, however.

 We got muddy too.  We are now confined to the laundry until some of it drops off. 

  It was Gracie's first competition and only my second. Go the Airedales!
We showed those Border Collies a thing or two.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

kangaroo patrol

Look who's taunting us from the other side of the fence...

 We were going berserk barking at him...
 So what does he do? Lies down for a little nap...oh so cool.
 He's a BIG buck kangaroo.
 He eventually hopped off - but we stayed on the lookout from the deck, just in case he came back.
Don't worry, we're on the job!