Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Royal Easter Show

I've just finished performing at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. I was part of the Mass Dog Obedience display. Whoo hoo!

There were nearly 100 dogs all being obedient at the same time - it was amazing.

We have been practicing for weeks at our club and then we joined up with a lot of other clubs to do it all together. We were the pink team and I got to wear a very smart, sparkly kerchief.

The really cool thing was that just before we went on, there was a display of all these police horses doing a musical ride...kind'a like obedience for horses.

So, when we got into the arena, there was horse poop everywhere! It not only smelled great, but tasted great too. Lie down in the horse poo? Sure thing, not a problem...yummmm!

It was all pretty easy, but the audience was impressed with how good we all were. They gave us a big round of applause as we all marched out. Afterwards, we did a quick tour of the show and all the exhibits and I got a 'Pluto Pup' (corn dog on a stick) for my dinner. Also very yummy.


  1. YOU are so extrordinary. I wish BabyRocketDog and Hootie would just come when called. We never went to agility here since we're leaving in a few weeks and it would have been too short a time. I'm really impressed at what a good dog Ruby is. Do you have any videos from the performance?

  2. Yay! Go Ruby! Ahsoka was in the show too but for conformation. I think mass obedience is much cooler!

    ~ Jedi ~

  3. How awesome, Ruby! What an honor to be a part of the Sydney Royal Easter Show! Horsey poo, huh?! hehehe

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. Ruby girl,
    That is just pawesome. Well done to you. How wonderful to be part of that. My pinkies didnt go to the show this year.

    Noah x

  5. Well done Ruby!
    My grand-daddy YorkPark Zorba won Best of Breed at Royal Easter Show. Bazzy is so proud of his grand daddy Zorba.
    I like horsey poop too! But it would distract me from the obedience stuff hehe.
    Love Bazzy x