Wednesday, April 27, 2011

swimming merit badge

This is to certify that
Doubledaire Trust Me (Gracie)
has earned her Airedale Terrier swimming merit badge.

She successfully passed the stated criteria of
plunging in and swimming to the target (Neil).

We knew you could do it, Gracie! Congratulations!! An Airedale really should be able to swim, I reckon. She even got the hang of jumping over the waves to get to the sticks - but she didn't often get there before me! I love swimming and I am sooo fast.

Here's Gracie demonstrating her new found talent (with her Auntie Megan).


  1. Hey well done Gracie, I am not keen on getting my paws wet, in fact I fell in a pool on Sunday and SYD had to rescue me..... When are you coming back to see me? Fozzie Bear

  2. Way to go, Gracie! Your talents are just endless!! I love frolicking in the water... where my paws still touch the ground!!

  3. Wow congrats!! You has a pikture of you on your badge!!!

  4. Congratulations, Gracie! Where did you find the swimming badge? Hannah doesn't like the water much so this would be a huge accomplishment for her.
    Nancy and Hannah

  5. Congrats Miss Gracie!! You are a real scout now :)


  6. Congratulations, Gracie! We love your new badge! It will look so pretty on your sash!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  7. I am SO jealous Gracie...I'm a scardy-dale and have never gone (willingly) into water deeper than my mid leg. Yes, I am an embarassment to all good Airedales.
    Sadly, BabyRD

    Good work Miss Gracie!! Soooo cool that you got your merit badge. You and Ruby are so talented and I wish you were MY sisters.
    WeshieHugs & Smooches,