Monday, April 13, 2009

All Terrier show

We spent the day at the Terrier show yesterday. It was good fun - I got to catch up with all my Airedale buddies. Here I am with Major, Selby and Ben.
Ben has his UD title, Selby has his CD, I've got my CCD and Major is starting obedience work. We must have been the cleverest terriers at the show!

Selby was looking quite smart as he was entered in the Airedale Parade. I was impressed with how good he looked. He won his class too. Way to go Selbs!
There were alot of other terriers around - gee those Scotties are fiesty! There were plenty of Wheatons, Westies and Jack Russells, and Aussies, but not so many of all the other weird and wonderful breeds - the Bedlingtons, Kerry Blues, Skye, Dandie Dinmonts, Sealyhams, etc.

Anyway, it was a fun day out.


  1. That looks like an exciting day out and that's great that you have your obedience title. I tried obedience training but quit as I got too bored.
    Happy Birthday for the other day!
    I have nominated you for an award and you can come by my blog sometime to pick it up :o)

  2. Hey Ruby
    Sounds like we missed a good day out.
    Hopefully one day we can meet up.


  3. Excellent, we're glad they got our application form. I asked the pinkies if we could go to a fun day and they said if we can get away from the B&B then we can. I have my paws crossed.


  4. You must have had a blast! Wish we could be there to watch you do your thing. Mommy didn't enroll me in any classes because we're heading up north in a few weeks. She just isn't as attentive as your folks...I blame it on Hootie. If he wasn't around they'd put all their attention on me, where it belongs.
    AireySmooches right on your nose, BabyRocketDog

  5. What a fun day you had and what handsome friends you have, Ruby!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. Ciao bella Ruby!

    An Airedale Parade!!! How meraviglioso! It looks like you had a fantastico day at the Terrier Show, and a fantastico time with your Airedale amici!

    Tanti baci!

  7. What a gorgeous group of Airedales. Congratulations on your title.
    Hugs, Miley

  8. Hey Ruby, Come on over to our blog and pick up some awards!
    XX-Hootie and BabyRD